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Sonshine Recovery Ministries takes a contemporary view of the disease of addiction—one that is shared by leading medical addiction researchers and clinicians. We view substance abuse as a chronic disease, not a choice. While suffering from this disorder is nothing to be ashamed of, bad feelings, frustration, anger, damaged relationships, and poor health can result from the symptoms of untreated addiction and its associated behaviors.

Learning the skills to effectively manage the disease of addiction is absolutely possible. Like any chronic condition, it must be managed throughout one’s life. This does not mean having to live life with limitations, however. On the contrary, we believe that learning to manage the condition of addiction and its associated disorders can help people improve their abilities to overcome the many other adversities they will encounter throughout life. 

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Addiction is not a singular event, but rather a progressive disease that worsens over time. It is indiscriminate and destroys the lives of all that follow its path. Residential treatment alone often yields only short-term sobriety and stabilization. Long-term recovery is achieved when there is abstinence from drugs and alcohol, abstinence from addictive behaviors, and recovery of physical, emotional and spiritual health. When recovery starts to feel as natural as a layer of skin, only then is it the healthy lifestyle that will sustain the individual well into the future.

The journey is not an easy one, but long-term recovery is possible.

We promise to provide you with comprehensive, full-service drug treatment in Tennessee. We care for the individual through detox, residential treatment, outpatient care and transitional living. We have an outstanding Drug Rehab team of experienced professionals that collaborate through all phases of your drug treatment to ensure that you are paving a future apart from the past.

Why Choose Sonshine Recovery Ministries?

There is no shaming at Sonshine Recovery Ministries. We utilize a respectful, adult approach using the Therapeutic Community model. 

We offer case management services to assist with issues that might otherwise distract the client from the healing and recovery process.

We review every client's psychiatric, psychological, nutritional, medical, trauma, family, and job/career history. 

We provide clinical treatment for substance abuse issues, focusing on the problems that created vulnerability to addiction.

We have a dedicated therapist providing family therapy